‘Taste for Yourself’ Tour goes to Buxton

Tuesday morning saw the LACA NSMW entourage roll in to the spa town of Buxton in Derbyshire. It was somewhat ironic on a day when the heavens opened and the rain was coming down in buckets that the team were there to promote water.

The visit to Buxton Turners Memorial on November 12th at 8.00am in the LACA East of Midlands Region was an important opportunity to highlight the importance of water to a healthy diet. All children should be encouraged to drink more water, instead of sugary drinks, to tackle the childhood obesity crisis and in addition, ensure that they are hydrated and able to concentrate throughout the school day.

LACA East Midlands Regional Chair, Jackie Manship welcomed everyone and said; “We are here in Buxton today to celebrate NSMW and the vital role that rehydration plays in keeping our school children healthy. No fizzy drinks in schools any more and we are promoting the drinking of water.

Labour Party Candidate for High Peak, Ruth George, who is also vice Chair of the school food APPG in Westminster commented; “Thank you to LACA for coming today and keeping children in school hydrated is very important as I know from my own children how easy it is for them to get dehydrated when they have been running around all day. I’m really pleased that the campaign today is focusing on the importance of plenty of water in children’s diets – Having said that we are certainly not short of any today here in Buxton!!!  


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