LACA Chair of Events comments on NSMW ‘Taste for Yourself’ Tour

Commenting on the LACA NSMW, sponsored by Kraft Heinz, Taste for Yourself tour, LACA Chair of Events, Neil Porter, said: “With all ten LACA regions being visited on the NSMW Taste for Yourself tour, we have the opportunity to put across a multiplicity of messages that collectively demonstrates the terrific work that is taking place in education catering today. With local suppliers being sourced wherever possible, fresh, healthy and nutritious produce is being consumed in schools on a daily basis and underlines the importance to local economies of the school food industry. LACA is the voice of the industry and it is good to go on the road and interact with many of the companies and individuals who have been serving our schools for many years and to keep fostering those valuable relationships.” 


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