Grimsby Fish Market host ‘Taste for Yourself’ Tour

After the blustery start to the day in Stockton, the LACA NSMW team headed south to face the winds coming off the North Sea at Grimsby Fish Market.

Grimsby is the spearhead of the UK fishing industry and the modern facilities on show certainly indicated that they intend to maintain their position for the foreseeable future.

The visit to the Grimsby Fish Market in the LACA Yorkshire and Humberside Region on Monday 11th November at 3.00pm was an important opportunity to highlight the role that fish plays on the school menu, as part of a hot, healthy and nutritious meal. Fish appears on a school menu at least once a week and every year, LACA is proud to support National Seafood Week which takes place in October. The campaign aims to promote the variety of fish and shellfish that the UK has to offer whilst encouraging more people to eat fish.

Paul Skelton, LACA Regional Board Member and Business Development Manager for Young’s Food Service said “We are here at Grimsby Fish Market to highlight the importance of fish on the school meals menus. It is really important for the health and development of young school children and is even more relevant when they do not have fish at home on a regular basis”  

Labour Party PPC for Great Grimsby, Melanie Onn said “Thanks so much to LACA for coming to Grimsby today and reminding us all of the importance of school meals. I’m particularly delighted that you have seen how important it is to have fish on the school menus.”  


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