NSMW 2021 is over!!!! but you can still get involved

It’s not too late to get involved this year. NSMW 2021 may have ended on the 12th November but you can get involved using your existing menu. We have plenty of themes and activities that can run alongside your current menu. We want as many children as possible to experience the School Tucker Trial. Please read on to see what was planned for 2021.

National School Meals Week (NSMW) 8th – 12th November 2021

NSMW has now been running for 30 years and is a flagship promotion organised by LACA, The School Food People. A key objective is to promote the importance and benefits of choosing a nutritious school lunch at mealtime. Each year, it engages in other important messages relevant to the time. NSMW had added importance last year with children continuing to be away from the school environment due to isolation periods and many months away from education. It is more important than ever that children return to eating hot balanced meals at lunchtime. Although NSMW is planned for November, this website contains tools and resources to help promote the school catering service throughout the year.

About NSMW 2021

LACA looks forward to more children being able to celebrate the event this year as restrictions are eased and children can socialise and eat together again. For 2021 we are introducing ‘The School Tucker Trial’, the aim is to get as many children as possible back into the dining room and enjoying school meals together. With the event coinciding with the popular TV programme ‘I’m a celebrity’ our campaign will make school meals fun, relevant and enjoyable to all students. They can collect stars as they stay for meals throughout the week.

As well as the trial there are 5 great theme days to adapt and run. The themes don’t have to be hard work, you can be as creative as you like or run them alongside your own menus with meat free days and roast dinner day. Visit the resource pages for more information. Posters avaible in English and Welsh, if you would like any of the additional resources in Welsh please contact mail@elygra.co.uk.

Mix it up Monday

We are asking schools to create a fun day with a menu packed with fruit and vegetables. It is a great opportunity to demonstrate that vegetarian dishes are exciting and tasty. You can mix up the menu with plant based alternatives to children’s favourite products and dishes.

Food = Fuel (for learning, work and play)

Following the disruption to education over the past 18 months, the importance of nutrition and education can never be underestimated. We are asking school caterers to create a menu and showcase all the important food groups, protein for strong bones and body, carbohydrates for energy etc.

Ahhhhh The Great British Roast Dinner

This day highlights local produce and farm assured meats, plus we look to showcase a vegetarian alternative to keep the day inclusive for all children. The Roast lunch remains one of the highlights of the school menu each week.

Plant Based Power Lunch

Choosing plant based days on a school menu can have a huge impact on the environment and the wellbeing of children. This year we want to promote all of the benefits to children and school caterers. We really want to pass this message on. The power of a plant based diet should never be underestimated.

School Food Challenge

The last day of the week is a fun day to educate children where their food comes from and how it is grown. It is a great opportunity for school caterers to create dishes with hidden fruits and vegetables to help children achieve their 5 a day. This event will also teach children about farming too.

How to get involved for NSMW 2022

Visit our pages and zones for more information how you can get involved, updates and advice for students, parents and school caterers will appear soon on our pages.

Don’t forget to keep using social media, even when NSMW 2021 is over

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Continue to promote the benefits of hot school lunches all year round with LACA’s themed calendar of events

Build on the success of NSMW 2021, with a 12 month campaign to add fun at lunchtime and encourage children eat hot school lunches all year round.

All promotions have free downloadable resources in English and Welsh for you to personalise and print as you require. All are designed to provide you with a readymade promotional calendar to run alongside any other events you may have planned.

Calendar of events

The promotional events can be found in the resource section. If you need any help or support contact the NSMW team, mail@laca.co.uk

Keep the social media campaign going too, use the following:

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Use the hashtags #NSMW2021 #LACA_UK #tasteforyourself #schooltuckertrial


Please click on the buttons below to choose, download and use a selection of materials made available to promote National School Meals Week, Theme Days and many other great initiatives. Many are not time sensitive so can be used all year.

Most resources are available in both English and Welsh.