Corbyn Calls for Free School Meals for Primary School Children

Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn has called for free school meal for primary school children “right the way though all our [primary] schools.”

He joined a rally of around a thousand people at the Emmanuel Centre conference hall in Westminster following a march from Westminster Cathedral, past the offices of the Department for Education.

Corbyn focused on how budget cuts were affecting schools and told them that the problems facing the education system were ‘extremely serious’.

He said: “Thank you to all those teachers – and I know you do it all the time – who dip into your own pockets and purses in order to make sure children get something to eat – because you can see the hunger in their eyes and their inability to learn because of their hunger. That should not be the case in this country the sixth richest in the world.”

Currently, all children in Infant school (Reception, Year 1 and 2) are entitled to a free school meal at lunchtime, if it was to be extended to all primary school, it would benefit children up to Year 6.


  1. Paula Berryman

    on March 8, 2019

    We give free meals in our NHS service and to prisons so why cant primary age pupils benefit from a hot meal each day. It has been proven that kids concentrate better and therefore have a better standard of education. Some of our pupils rely on our daily meal as their only meal of the day. We can verify this is a balanced meal that satisfies the nutritional needs of a primary age pupil. This meal contains the essential nutrients a child needs progress as many live on a cheap diet of processed products available due to family circumstances – these are the lucky ones, some pupils don’t eat twice a day. Children are the future of this country, many are obese and have bad oral hygiene due to sugar consumption and processed products. My fear is in 15 -20 years time our health system, if we still have one, will be inundated with adults who are medically sick with obesity related illnesses like diabetes, heart issues, oral hygiene problems and possibly cancer due to the processed meats/products on sale so cheaply today.

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