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Powered by School Meals

Every year we want to shine a spotlight on just how important a great school lunch can be and this year is no different. We will be showing just what you can do when you are ‘powered by school meals’.

Karen Robinson, a member of LACA’s NSMW team, will be running a ‘mega’ marathon through LACA’s many regions supported by as many LACA members, school pupils and supporters as possible. The marathons will be ‘powered by school meals’ with press and PR opportunities being capitalised across the distance. We will be encouraging as many schools as possible en-route to encourage their children to run a ‘Daily Mile’ with LACA as well as many other activities. This website will be tracking Karen’s progress and we will be sending live footage back to base each day so everyone can track the marathons as and when they happen.

“LACA National School Meals Week’s undertaking to run the equivalent of 5 marathons in the 5 days of National School Meals Week 2017 is coming together nicely” says LACA Chair of Events Neil Porter.

“It is one of the biggest challenges LACA NSMW has ever undertaken and we are planning to make it as representative and inclusive of the LACA regions across England and Wales as we possibly can. This year’s event is being held on 13th – 17th November and the plans for the week are developing well. One of LACA NSMW Team members, Karen Robinson, is taking up the baton on behalf of the school meals industry and the route is currently being planned to take in all LACA regions and as many schools as possible so that children, staff and LACA regional members can join in with the run – may be a mile, may be more. Most importantly is that schools will be acting as food stations as the Marathons around England and Wales are being fuelled purely by school meals coming courtesy of school caterers. It will highlight just how heathy, nutritious and delicious today’s school meals really are, not forgetting the energy they give pupils for a busy day or work, play and education.”


Tim said “This will be a marvellous event and we are all excited and totally supportive of it. It is a great way to demonstrate the quality, virtues and importance of education catering today and is particularly pertinent in the light of the discussions currently surrounding UIFSM. To highlight the link between school meals and exercise and to encourage pupil participation across the country will undoubtedly make this one of the most high profile events of this year’s NSMW and we expect that the media at local, regional and national level will give it significant exposure”

We will be constantly updating this page with route information and preparations as we draw nearer to the starting gun so be sure to bookmark this page and check back to see how we, and Karen, are getting on.

As it happens...

Keep checking back for news and updates as and when they happen…

We’ll be creating a live journal of events over the coming weeks to show what preparations are being made and how Karen is progressing with her training. Karen is a veteran of over 15 London marathons, a regular competitor in the Snowdon Marathon and has completed over 100 marathons in her running career so is no stranger to pushing herself!

Once the Powered by School Meals events start we will be updating this page with videos and photos throughout the week…