LACA Admin, James Beaumont Counts the Votes After the Shortlisted 10 School Meals are Announced at the Main Event.

As part of National School Meals Week Silver Jubilee Celebrations, LACA is running an online poll to find out what the public’s favourite school meal has been over the past 25 years – From the emails, tweets and messages we have received over the past few months we have create a shortlist of 10 and put the list to the vote.

At the Main Event, we encouraged delegates to vote for their favourite – so far Curry and Rice is leading, followed closely by a Roast Dinner.

What will the Favorite be – curry, a roast dinner, a taste of Italy or something else?  The choice is yours and you can still place your vote – encourage others to as well. You can only vote for one dish in each category (Main and Dessert) and you can only enter the poll once, so think about what you enjoyed most about your school meals before casting your vote.

News Flash:  The Nation’s Favourite School Meal Poll is now live. Click on the link and cast your vote now for your favourite main and dessert from the past 25 years.

The Nations favourite school meal will be announced in September and we are encouraging all school caterers to serve the winning dish during NSMW (12th – 16th November), there will be recipes, resources and promotional material available, all free to download. What will be the nation’s favourite? You decide.

2018 marks the 25th Anniversary of the Lead Association for CAtering in Education (LACA) National School Meals Week and there is a lot to celebrate during this Silver Jubilee year to make it an anniversary to remember! For more info go to



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