National School Meals Week (NSMW) 11th – 15th November ’19

Welcome to our new look website. Last year the Lead Association for CAtering in Education (LACA) celebrated NSMW Silver Jubilee. For 25 years, LACA has worked hard to promote school food and the work continues as we showcase the benefits, values and nutritional value of a ‘modern day’ school lunch.

So what’s happening in NSMW 2019?

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LACA is taking School Meals ‘back on the road’ with its ‘Taste For Yourself’ messaging. Plans are in the early stages but we will tour England and Wales, and at stops along the way invite parent, journalists, dignitaries and the public at large to enjoy some freshly prepared school food. We will take the opportunity to promote some of the less well known facts about a school lunch and tackle outdated perceptions.

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You will soon start to see our ‘#30 people, 30 stories’ campaign. Meet the ‘school meals heroes’ involved in putting a school lunch on the table – from the Farmer to the Delivery Driver, the Cook to the Kitchen Assistant, the School Secretary to the Mid day Assistant – you are all heroes to us.

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‘Taste for yourself’ will be a school based initiative to encourage pupils who currently don’t take a school meal to try one – a number of Infant Pupils still choose not to have a meal, despite them being free. For older pupils, often the barrier is misconceptions and we are keen to make sure pupils know what is available to them. (Resources coming soon.)

‘Move it with LACA‘ – We will be creating a number of initiatives to get pupils moving during NSMW, this will be tied in with the ‘daily mile’ campaign which is so popular in schools.

MPs and Peers will have the opportunity to ‘Taste for themselves’ as well as we plan to serve a school lunch at the Palace of Westminster – as has become the norm over the past 4 – 5 years, LACA will use NSMW as a platform to communicate important messages at the highest level.

30 School Meals Heroes

Each week we select a new School Meals Hero from school chef to farmer and showcase the people making a difference. Who is this week's hero?

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National School Meals Week is the one week a year where the school meals industry celebrates all that is great about school food.

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I am delighted to announce that LACA have been awarded the Cost Sector Marketing Award for National School Meals Week 2018. This is a fantastic achievement in what is our 25th anniversary year of NSMW and a real tribute to Arnold Fewell who sadly passed away this year and, as we know, initially introduced NSMW…

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Kraft Heinz Food Service

As a proud supplier to schools across the UK, we’re delighted to sponsor National School Meals Week. We’re committed to providing the right products, in the perfect formats and sizes for the education sector so that pupils can enjoy nutritious meals every day.

We’ve developed products specifically for the education sector such as our Heinz No-Added Sugar Beanz and 50% less sugar and salt Tomato Ketchup, both of which fall under the FSA Salt Target regulation for 2017.

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