Have you ever wondered just how many people in different sectors of the education catering industry, are involved in putting your child’s school lunch on the dinner table?

As LACA The School Food People celebrates its 30th anniversary in 2019, National School Meals Week is focusing on bringing you 30 school meals heroes – unsung heroes involved in delivering a school lunch from farm to fork every single day of the school year. From the Farmer to the Delivery Driver, the Cook to the Kitchen Assistant, the School Secretary to the Mid-day Assistant – to us they are all heroes, dedicated to giving our children a healthy, nutritious and tasty meal on a daily basis.

We have selected ‘30’ to tie in with 30 years of LACA, bringing the School Meals story to life and celebrating the people involved in it – each of the 30 people, who are heroes in different sectors of the School Meals industry, will be showcased, 1 a week on social media and then on the NSMW website. The campaign started on 22nd April – and runs until NSMW.

Make sure you check back every week to see who is featured and completes another part of our online 30 School Meals Heroes jigsaw puzzle. To read our heroes stories and the contribution they make to the school meals industry, just click on each image on the puzzle and find out what makes them influential in the education catering world.

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# Hero Description
1 Steven Cross LACA School Chef of the Year
2 Lower Hurst Organic Farm Suppliers of fresh organic locally and nationally
3 Jane Brailsford Unit Supervisor, Ashover Primary School
4 Little Green Devils Suppliers of vegetarian and vegan foods
5 Louise McErlain Nutritionist for education catering
6 Sharon Hodgson MP Chair of the School Food APPG
7 Glynn Purnell Saturday Kitchen Presenter & Restaurant Owner
8 UK Farming Industry School Food Suppliers
9 Arnold Fewell Founder of National School Meals Week
10 Morag Wilson Editor of EDUcatering Magazine
11 Lindsay Graham Holiday Hunger
12 Patricia Fellows MBE Former LACA Chair
13 Victoria Johnson Head of Kitchen at Stonham Aspal Primary School
14 Carol Harwood LACA SCOTY Coordinator
15 Jeanette Orrey MBE Co-Chair School Food Plan Alliance
16 Caroline Morgan CEO, Local Food Links
17 Hilary Witt Chair of Finance & Administration Group, Finance Director, LACA Ltd
18 Jody Gemmell Unit Catering Manager, City Catering