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A week of celebration about all that is great about school meals.

Once again there is a number of high profile activities taking place, with a mixture of political activity and engagement with school caterers, pupils and parents.


to see daily video clips and photos including ‘behind the scenes’ catch-ups with Karen as she braves the November weather.

What's happening...

Many of the popular elements of NSMW are taking place again this year along with new activities that offer opportunities for everyone to take part. They include: –



NSMW Daily Marathon – ‘Powered by School Meals’ – Karen Robinson, a member of LACA’s NSMW team, is running a marathon through all LACA’s regions supported along the way by LACA members and school pupils. The marathons will be fuelled by school food. Each evening we will be uploading video footage so everyone can keep up to date. There is an added benefit in the run, insofar as we will be raising funds for the incoming LACA Chair’s chosen charity The British Heart Foundation.

Click here to view the locations of the marathon stops and the schools that are going to be visited throughout the week.

Click here to see daily video clips and photos including ‘behind the scenes’ catch-ups with Karen as she braves the November weather.

LACA and the NSMW team are doing their part to celebrate school food, exercise and being healthy. Now it’s YOUR turn! Why not download our handy food and exercise tracker here for you to keep an eye on YOUR health and see if you can see an improvement!


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#cookeditmyselfie – back by popular demand, LACA are asking for picture tweets showing the best examples of school meals with a prize of £500’s worth of marketing resources or equipment for the winning entrant. This year entry is open to parents and pupils as well as school caterers. As a caterer, this is your chance to ‘show off’, send pictures on Twitter to @NSMW using the hashtag #cookeditmyselfie. Click here for more information.

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Host a School Chef – now in its fourth year, this hugely popular programme is firmly established in the NSMW calendar. The initiative gives school chefs the opportunity to spend a day working in fine dining establishments alongside some of the most famous names in the world of haute cuisine. Through LACA’s NSMW we have placed over 150 school caterers in the kitchens of Michelin Star restaurants, 5* hotels, House of Commons and the Senedd restaurants, Premier League Football Clubs executive dining facilities and unusual venues across the country e.g. the restaurant at the summit of Snowdon. The Craft Guild of Chefs has once again pledged the support of its members, which is a terrific endorsement. We have some fabulous venues signed up for 2017 including the Ritz London, the Westbury in Mayfair and the Royal Gardens in Kensington to name just a few in the capital. Click here to see a map of where we are!

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National Roast Dinner Day – The Soil Association’s Food For Life has supported NSMW in recent years and again is positioning its NRDD in the middle of the week’s activities. It is always a well-received event and many schools take the opportunity to invite their pupils’ family members into the dining rooms to see for themselves how good school food is. Click here for more information.


Theme Days – always a big hit with the schools, with free to download resources from the NSMW website, everyone can be involved at no extra cost – visit the resources page of this website – you will also find a number of ‘Powered by School Meals’ posters and templates for you to use.

2017 – another busy year of exciting events. We know many school caterers also ‘do their own thing’ so please let us know what you are up to.


There are many ways to ‘Shout Out’ about what you are doing:

Web: www.nsmw.org.uk
Email: admin@laca.co.uk
Twitter: @NSMW or
#schoolmealsshoutout or
Facebook: schoolmealsweek
Instagram: @NSMW1

Meet our sponsors!


As a proud supplier to schools across the UK, we’re delighted to sponsor National School Meals Week. We’re committed to providing the right products, in the perfect formats and sizes for the education sector so that pupils can enjoy nutritious meals every day.

We’ve developed products specifically for the education sector such as our Heinz No-Added Sugar Beanz and 50% less sugar and salt Tomato Ketchup, both of which fall under the FSA Salt Target regulation for 2017.

Please click here for more information


Parents! Click jump in below for videos and recipes for meals that you can cook in your home. You’ll be surprised that these recipes are being used in schools across the country!

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Click explore below for a definitive list of all of the suppliers who support National School Meals Week. We’ve sorted them geographically so you can find someone to help close to you!



This years Host a School Chef is shaping up to be the biggest one yet thanks to some fantastic support from numerous companies, schools and venues. Chefs from Norse Catering, food provider to 250 schools across Norfolk, will join the kitchens of restaurants across the county as part of LACA National School Meals Week (NSMW)……

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